Friday, January 30, 2009

The most popular girl in France

Just this morning, while I have been sleeping, in the span of 45 minutes I have received 2 wrong numbers. For real? I think the first guy was trying to find a classroom and the second guy was looking for somebody. I don't know because I can't understand French when I am still sleeping. I can't even understand English when I am still sleeping.

So please, people of France. STOP CALLING ME AT 11am ON A FRIDAY. I don't have class until 3 and I definitely would not like to be awake until then.

In other news, I'm going dancing tonight with some legit French people. At midnight!! Scandaleuse.


  1. emily you are not popular! i like being ur blog friend though.

  2. Oh poor you having to wake up at 11 am. NOT.