Tuesday, January 27, 2009

I am apparently front door challenged...

I was holding off updating because I wanted to post pictures of my gorgeous excursion to the countryside outside of Aix, an area called le Luberon. We went to 4 little towns which were absolutely beautiful and completely different from each other despite their close proximity. Unfortunately, my camera has decided to refuse to let me upload anything. Because it is a huge jerk.

However, I do have a nice little story that while is incredible embarrassing for me, may or may not be totally hilarious to the rest of you.

Ok. So, I had a 10 am class this morning and it only takes 15 minutes to get to school but I didn't know where the class room was so I figured I would leave at 9:30 just to be safe. Some background information: My house has some weird security situation going on. There's a gate and then a pathway up to the front door which is this HUGE wooden monster that requires a legit 1890's brass key to open it. Behind this door is a smaller one with glass windows that leads you inside of the house. It's not usually that difficult, but it is borderline a pain in my ass.

As I was leaving this morning, I got through the glass door no problem. A crisis arose when I came to the beast after it. I 100% spent 25 minutes trying to unlock this door. 9:57 rolled around and I had no choice but to wake up my roommate who did not have any class today. She opened the door in 2 minutes. I felt extremely foolish and was 20 minutes late to class where the only seat left available was 2 chairs stuck together. I ended up being about 5 inches taller than the rest of my classmates.

And tomorrow I have class at 9am... 


  1. hopefully you figure out the door by then!
    love, olivia.

  2. Doors are bitches, yo.