Wednesday, May 13, 2009

the countdown begins

My mother told me that my last entry was "dumb" and that I had to conclude my semester with something intelligent. I guess since she birthed me, she apparently has total control over what I do. That statement is false, I am updating this because I want to and because I am motivated. Let it be known!!!

This past week has been full of excitement, which is nice because who wants to spend a boring final week in France? I spent the weekend doing fun summer things like attending bbqs and climbing a mountain. It was no easy feat and I am proud to say that I conquered Mount Sainte Victoire...for the most part. I won't actually tell you whet
her or not I made it to the tippy top. Some time constraints and the need to catch a bus might have been involved, so don't judge too much.
Once the actual week commenced, things were not that fun because of my many mind numbing finals. HOWEVER, as of this morning, all of that is finished and I can continue to enjoy my remaining days here in peace. Tonight was my host father's birthday which we celebrated by eating outdoors and staring at a hedgehog while it lay motionless in the grass for 15 minutes. I also had the following conversation with my 11 year old brother.
Me: C'est vraiment un bordel dans ma chambre.
Mathieu: Oui! Je l'ai vu!
Which translates to "My room is a mess!" "Yeah, I saw." So presh.
Somehow I got roped into cooking dinner with LB for the fam on Friday. I am making mashed potatoes and if I can find the ingredients, jello poke cake. I have never been more frightened in my life. Except maybe on the night before I took my 6th road test. That ended well and so will this. Right?

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